22 Nov

3D plot with a cut-off line

Did you ever notice that things IRL are in 3D? Well today, let’s do some 3D plots!

First, let’s define our three variables

x <- 1:5/10
y <- 1:5
z <- x %o% y
z <- z + .2*z*runif(25) - .1*z

Now let’s suppose that we want to plot an additional line at a specific cut-off value of 0.6

cutoff <- 0.6

Let’s plot all that with the RGL package:

persp(x, y, z, theta=-35, phi=10,col="lightgrey",xlab="X factor", ylab="Why", zlab="Z-bra")
cLines <- contourLines(x,y,z,levels=c(cutoff))
lines(trans3d(x=cLines[[1]]$x, y=cLines[[1]]$y, z=cutoff,pmat=p ),col = 'red',lw=2,lt=2)

Here is the figure:

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