19 Feb

Color a raster with gdal using gdaldem

Hi Gigis,
Have you never look for a simple way to color a raster without manualy modifying the symbology or use a python/r script to build a RAT?
Here is the solution for lazy gis people like me 😉
My example is a raster Geotif with 0 for land, 1 for water and 255 for no data. Most of the time, when you open it in a GIS, you have black overview because the contrast is adjusted on the 255 value. Here is how to proceed:

1/ Write a simple text file colortable.txt such as:
0 white
1 blue
255 grey
2/gdaldem color-relief -of VRT sourcefile.tif colortable.txt out.vrt destfile.tif

3/ Just open the VRT, and the magic is there!

Khan-Guru, the Raster Magician

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