22 Mar

Download files from Dropbox via shareable link

Hello there!

I have a nice piece of code for today on how to download a file from a dropbox shareable link (I reckon it adapted slightly a code found here). Here is how it works. Argument x is the document name, d the document key, and outfile is the desired filename and location.

dl_from_dropbox <- function(x, key, outfile) {
  bin <- getBinaryURL(paste0("https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/", key, "/", x),
                      ssl.verifypeer = FALSE)
  con <- file(outfile, open = "wb")
  writeBin(bin, con)
# Example:
dl_from_dropbox("GViewer_Embeds.txt", "06fqlz6gswj80nj", '/home/GViewer_Embeds.txt')

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