27 Nov

Minimum function documentation with Roxygen2

How to document your function in order to produce nice documentation without doing anything?
Use roxygen! Thanks to a bunch of tags, it will automatically read your code and produce a documentation file.

Here is a minimum example that should accompany all your functions from now on:

#' Goal of you function
#' This function is awesome because it takes that and return this
#' @param x a n x p matrix of n observations and p predictors
#' @param y a vector of length n representing the response
#' @param t a tuning parameter
#' @return a vector of parameters 
#' @author White Guru
#' @details
#' This function is awesome and here is an comprehensive explanation of why it is so
#' @seealso \code{related packages}
#' @export
#' @importFrom list of the packages used (related packages)

Ow and I almost forget to say that you need to install.packages(‘roxygen2’) and build your code to produce the documentation.

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