24 Oct

Stack Exchange: towards a better internet

You are lost and tired to ask your questions on old dusty forum where you have to wait 1 month to get an approximate answer ?!

Stack Exchange is for you. StackExchange is a network of forum 2.0 (even 3.0 or 4.0) on diverse topics in many different fields, each site covering a specific topic. Each question, answer, and user is subject to a reputation award process that allow the sites to be self-moderating.

Stack Overflow, the forum decicated to computer programming questions, was the original site in this network and its community is still the most active. Since I have posted on the website, I never had one question without an answer or a relevant comment in the first hour following the posting. This is not rare to have an answer in the 5 first minutes (!!). Furthermore, due to the self-moderating system, the level of quality of the answer is very high.

GIS Stack Exchange is the GIS version of Stack Overflow, even if the community is less important than Stack Overflow, some users are very skilled and you will probably find an answer to a lot of things.

As a new user, you have to follow some rules in order to get an answer to your questions. First, do your job and show that you have tried to find the solution by yourself, the community does not like to be exploited and will not do the job for you. Second, be sure that the question has not been already asked, show some research efforts to find the solution on the web. Finally when you ask a question, pay attention to its quality. It has to be understandable easily and, if it is possible, propose a reproducible example that can be used by the community to solve your problem.

Last thing, share your knowledge. Try also to answer some questions, it is not always an easy exercise but it will help you to improve your skills in your field of expertise and I am sure that you have a contribution to make to pave the way for a better internet.

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